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Jharkhand 2009 Candidates (Majhgaon) Whose Affidavits are available on

1Anil Kumar BuriulyINCMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
2Barkuwar GagraiBJPMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
3Chandra Mohan BiruaUnited Goans Democratic PartyMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
4Lankeshwar TamsoyINDMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
5Laxmi PinguaINDMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
6Manohar SinkuINDMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
7Moti Lal HembramRJDMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
8Mukesh BiruaRashtriya Desaj PartyMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
9Niral PurtyJMMMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
10Ramdev PurtyBSPMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
11Roshan Pat PinguaJai Bharat Samanta PartyMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
12Rup Singh SawaiyanINDMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
13Selay SirkaIndigenous Nationalist Party of TwipraMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
14Sukhdeo BiruliINDMajhgaonWest Singhbhum
15Tarun Kumar ChattarINDMajhgaonWest Singhbhum

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