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Jharkhand 2009 Candidates (Jagnathpur) Whose Affidavits are available on

1Abhiram ChampiyaJharkhand Peoples PartyJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
2Chumda PurtySPJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
3Dinesh Chandra PurtyUnited Goans Democratic PartyJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
4Geeta KoraJai Bharat Samanta PartyJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
5Hiber GuriaNCPJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
6Hiramani KuiIndigenous Nationalist Party of TwipraJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
7Jeetendra BobongaAJSUJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
8Jwala KorahAITCJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
9Kashinath DigiBSPJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
10Kishore Kumar LaguriINDJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
11Krishna Kumar SinkuJharkhand PartyJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
12Laxmi Narayan GagraiINDJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
13Mangal SinghJVM(P)JagnathpurWest Singhbhum
14Mangal Singh SurenJMMJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
15Parwati SamantaABHMJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
16Sonaram BiruaBJPJagnathpurWest Singhbhum
17Tiril TiriyaRashtriya Desaj PartyJagnathpurWest Singhbhum

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