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Lok Sabha 2009 Candidates (Nizamabad) Whose Affidavits are available on

1Aaris MohammedINDNizamabadANDHRA PRADESH
2Bigala GaneshTRSNizamabadANDHRA PRADESH
3D.S.R. ChaudaryLSPNizamabadANDHRA PRADESH
4Gaddam SrinivasINDNizamabadANDHRA PRADESH
5Jala Bapu ReddyBJPNizamabadANDHRA PRADESH
6Kandem PrabhakarINDNizamabadANDHRA PRADESH
7Madhu Yaskhi GoudINCNizamabadANDHRA PRADESH
8P. Vinay KumarPRAPNizamabadANDHRA PRADESH
9Rapelly SrinivasINDNizamabadANDHRA PRADESH
10S SujathaTrilinga Praja Pragati PartyNizamabadANDHRA PRADESH
11V Sathyanarayana MurthyPPOINizamabadANDHRA PRADESH

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